How to Turn Your House into a Home.

As homeowners, we often put so much pressure on ourselves to maintain a level of perfection in our homes. Once we move into a new house, we place so much emphasis on arranging furniture, unpacking items and storing things to ensure our house looks aesthetically pleasing. However, as time passes, most people outgrow the design and organisation they originally implemented in their home and begin to never feel settled or truly “at home”. Perhaps the key to turning a house into a home is by creating a meaningful space that acts as a personal sanctuary and is a place of peace and protection. Additionally, if your property is going on the market, you want your home to seem appealing to homeowners, who can envision themselves living in your home throughout the viewing. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” then perhaps finding ways to turn your house into a home is a great way to encourage your house sale. Here at We Buy Any House we have provided our top tips.

Display Items That Remind You of Your Childhood Home:

For most people, our childhood home is the epitome of where we first felt safe and loved. Although you may not be able to recreate your childhood home entirely, a great way to muster those feelings is to keep a few items that remind you of your childhood home and place them around the property as decoration. By doing this, these items will carry a warm energy with them, and also exude comfort purely upon sight, instantly creating a homely environment.


The choice of flooring you have throughout your home can determine the atmosphere of your property. Although carpet is the obvious choice, as people think it’s great for creating warmth and cosiness in the house, there are plenty of things you can do with other types of flooring. Adding a mixture of textiles to your home is a great way to create a sense of comfort to the property, and the floor is no exception. Lay down rugs, or a family DIY floor cloth is a great way to make your home feel more lived in.


Lighting is a huge part of design focus. Changing the type of lighting you have will immediately make the room feel homier for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows you to incorporate your personality into the home: whether that’s through a lampshade design you have chosen yourself, or perhaps adding a favourite family lamp. Additionally, you can choose where you put the lighting to maximise the cosiness and comfort of your home- but the fact you are able to determine where the lighting goes will enable you create something softer and warmer.

Make More Space:

If you want your space to feel comfortable and homely, then it’s important to ensure you have more space. If your home is full of clutter, then it can take away from the space and peace that you want to exude, and instead make the house feel overwhelming. It’s important to take time to declutter and rearrange or repurpose items that no longer serve you a purpose but instead take up space.

Bring Out Meaningful Items:

Don’t think that memories should be hidden away in a box or in the loft, instead use them to personalise your home and make it homely. A good way to make your home feel warm and inviting is to let the decoration speak as an extension of your personality, and how this is your individual space. Use one or two of your favourite items, such as family photos or ornaments and add them as decoration to your home.

Add Natural Elements:

Connecting with nature has the effects of making us feel grounded and immediately at peace. It’s a good idea to incorporate things such as plants, wood elements, rocks, sticks, shells and flowers. The addition of natural elements can make your property feel homely, comfortable and even have health improvements as incorporating plants can improve air quality

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