When Should You Consider Availing The Services Of A Blocked Drain Expert?

Drainage systems are like the branches of a tree. A clogged sewer can lead to blocked drains. And house drains need regular maintenance to avoid blockage issues.

Drains, if blocked, can cause a lot of trouble. It often leads to damaging property which further results in reducing its value. Waste might start coming out of pipes, or dirty water might overflow. And all this leads to foul smells and filthy surroundings. It can soon become the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

When To Look For A Drain Expert

So, a blocked drain must be treated as fast as possible. Here are a few indications that one must call a blocked drain expert:

·        Sluggish Draining

Pay attention to the speed of water draining. It is easy to detect slow water draining during simple activities like washing dishes or while using the washing machine. Slow water draining is the first sign of a blockage in the drain, and trouble is about to peep in.

·        Accumulation Of Water

A later stage after slow draining is standing water. Suppose slow draining is untreated. After some time, water begins to accumulate in the sink or basin.

·        Unpleasant Smells And Unusual Noises

When there is some underlying drainage issue, a foul smell might occur. It can also result due to some leakage of pipes. Usually, the smell is more around the affected area. One can quickly notice it as it has a weird, discomforting smell. It should not be left untreated as it might cause some health issues.

When drains are blocked, water tries to move and creates a push, which leads to unusual noises. All these noises can be heard while flushing or while using taps. If one hears all such noises constantly, an expert should be contacted, and a thorough investigation should be done.

The Causes Of Blocked Drains

·        Trees

Sometimes drain pipes get merged with tree roots and might get entangled with them. It is a very commonly occurring problem. To avoid this drain lining is the best thing to opt for.

·        Waste And Chemicals

People often throw tiny waste particles in kitchen drains, and pipes are blocked. Before washing something in the kitchen, one should clean it properly and then wash it. Avoid throwing toilet paper, and the hair stands, etc., in your home drains intentionally.

·        Worn-Out Pipes

Usually, people don’t pay attention to the age of the draining system. A lot of waste flows through the pipes, and tiny particles might stick on the inner side, which is a naturally occurring issue. Drain lining is the best thing that supports the inner pipes and protects them.


To avoid all such problems, contact a blocked drain expert and know what it requires. Go for drain lining, a fast and intelligent solution to avoid this. There are excellent drain service agencies in the market, like Blocked drains Maidstone. Do contact them for help and obtain clean, hassle-free service.

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